If you have seen our socials lately you will see that we have announced the option of flat pack cabinetry to our services. We are so excited to offer this service to the local area! All the fun facts on the flat packs are here to help you decide if that’s something you would like to give a go!

1. What is a flat pack?

Flat pack cabinetry is exactly what it sounds like! Cabinetry….provided to you flat, ready to be assembled! The cabinetry is all cut on our CNC machine, so dimensions and cuts are all spot on. Usually the next step in our factory is to then assemble the cabinetry, which involves putting together the internal carcass, adding drawers, hinges and hardware as well as the door fronts, but with flat pack cabinetry this step is handed over to you, for some DIY construction!

2. What can I get flat packed?

The opportunities are endless! You can order one single broom cabinet, or you can order an entire kitchen? if you are feeling handy enough to put it all together. There are really no restrictions on designs either, as unlike the hardware stores, all the cabinetry is specifically made to suit custom spaces and sizes, so your new cabinetry will be created specifically for your space.

3. Who can order flat packs?

Anyone can order flat packs! From seasoned handymen and handyladies, to first time flat packers, we are happy to assist all skillsets who are keen to put together their own cabinetry.

4. Is it hard to put together?

All the flat packs come cut to size, all holes are pre drilled and the boards are all labelled numerically so you can match up all items of the cabinet together to assemble. We will provide you with all the screws, hinges and hardware needed to put together your cabinetry. Our cabinetry also has a mortice and tenon joining system which provides added strength to your cabinets but also helps ensure they get put together correctly too! We will let you know what tools you require to get the job done.

5.?What else is there to consider?

There are a few other things to consider on top of putting together the flat pack cabinetry that will adjust the price of the overall project. You can come to us with?cabinet dimensions and do your own check measure, or we can still do an onsite consult, check measure and colour appointment in the showroom if you would prefer a more detailed process. There is also the option of us constructing the cabinetry and you can pick up from our factory. In a nutshell, the process is entirely customizable, and depending on your skillset we can help you decide what the best option is for you and?your project.

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