Let’s talk appointment prep! We are proud to supply kitchens for many local builders, and while they all have different inclusions or designs, the essence of your kitchen appointment is always the same: making selections to achieve a kitchen to work for you and your family. This applies both functionally and?aesthetically.

Most builders will provide a basic plan as the inclusion that you can tailor in the appointment to make it your own. But there are things that you can do prior to the appointment to help convey your vision to the designer and have the appointment run smoothly and productively!

1. Confirm with your builder what your inclusions are.?

Its a great idea to have a chat with your builder or read through your contract inclusions or allowances before heading to the appointment. If you are trying to stick to the builders inclusion options, knowing what these are upfront will help navigate the appointment from the start as there will be no grey areas to whats included and whats an upgrade. Confirm with them if your package does or doesn’t include any additional rooms like the pantry or laundry too! It’s also a good idea to confirm your appliances if they are supplying them.

2. Jump on Pinterest and create an inspiration gallery.

A lot of the kitchen appointment is based on the visual aspect of the design. What style cupboards you want, what colour bench top you love, the type of handle you would like…but the vision you have in your mind is not always easy to translate into words. Photos are a fantastic way to show your designer what you love (as well as what you don’t love!) and it saves a lot of time if you can reference images. Be sure to pinpoint the exactly what it is in the image that draws you in, you might love the cupboard door profile, but hate the colour, so it’s important to clarify that too!

3. Write a wants list and a needs list.

If you are coming into the appointment intending to upgrade from the builders inclusions its definitely worthwhile sitting down prior to the appointment and working out exactly what your priorities are. You might really want to upgrade the door finish, would really love to have a kitchen full of drawers or a bin drawer might be on the top of your needs list! Depending on the budget (or sometimes layout and space restrictions) you might not be able to have everything you want or need, so a ranked list is a fantastic way for the designer to know what elements to focus on when they personalise your design, and if budget, layout and space allows, you might just get everything on your list! A list also helps to ensure you don’t forget to mention anything important!

Your designer is here to help achieve your ideal kitchen space, and we look forward to helping your vision become a reality!

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