We love being a local business.

It?s an honour to drive down a street and know, that over half the kitchens in those homes were put there by us. The kitchen is the hub of the modern home, it?s not just a place to cook, but it?s a place to hear about how your family?s day has been, to share a glass of wine with your partner after a long week and to make homemade pizzas on a Saturday night. It?s such an important part of the home, and to see the kitchens go from an idea to a reality is what we do, but it?s the excitement and the appreciation from the customers at the end of the process that makes us love what we do.

We’ve had some fantastic opportunities to work with some of the best local builders such as Hilton Homes, Blue Tongue Homes,?Instyle Homes, Ansa Homes and Dickinson Developments.

Why are we different?

We know our stuff. With 37 years experience and counting, we have wealth?of knowledge, we’ve seen the trends, and encountered all the obstacles possible over the years. So we are well equipped to know how to make those kitchen visions in your mind, a reality in your home. We have been around for so long, that we are now discussing renovations of kitchens that we put in over 30 years ago! We gave our customers a high-quality product then, so that?s why our customers come back to us again.

Nothing but the best.

We make sure that we live up to our name by using the best suppliers, and the best materials to get the job done to perfection.

Our builders work with us because we are there from start to finish, working hard behind the scenes to make the selections with the client, to the install of the kitchen, run as smoothly as possible. We understand the kitchen, but we also understand a lot of the elements of the build that relate, (plumbing, electrical and flooring for example) and we use this knowledge to get a wonderful end product, working as a team, with the trades, to achieve this.

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